The TV view

With Rachel Wyse writing off the Mayo challenge in her column in the Independent on Saturday, Sky were never going to get the nod when it came to a choice for viewing Sunday’s big match, so we settled in for some old school fun and debate with RTE instead. You’ll know for again Rachel.


Joining the usual suspects on Sunday was former Galway manager Alan Mulholland resplendent in an expensive looking suit that told us everything we needed to know about how his bookies enjoyed the Galway Races.


The Brolly fella was off to a flyer early, comparing James O’Donoghue to Luis Suarez minus the propensity for chomping on human flesh – it was early doors though so no point in ruling anything out or in in the heat of a semi-final Joe!


Alan was making some good points which brought out the alpha male in our Joseph, and the Derry man even sat up in his chair indicating his desire not to be out done by the newbie.


Joe said Mayo were in no mans land when they defended and poor Colm seemed to be there as well such was his lack of air time but he finally got into his stride when he was highlighting the fabulous Breaffy brothers.

We went pitchside then to see the wonder of wonders as Pat Spillane did the unthinkable and tipped Mayo for victory, his confidence battered by Maria Walsh confidently breezing into Tralee and nabbing the Rose of Tralee crown for Mayo.


Back in studio Colm had to stand up for James Horan as Joe called him a whinger but while a lot of the talk surrounded the importance of the bench for Kerry, (showing that the phrase “the padded substitutes seats” hasn’t quite caught on just yet in the Gaa), nonetheless Colm and Alan went for Mayo to sneak it. Joe? Well Joe talked and talked and we’re still not sure who he was going for.


Half time arrived and sure it was nearly time to pack up and think about beating the rush if you were a Mayo supporter. Alan wasn’t too hopeful for the Connacht champions after Lee Keegan’s sending off as Michael Lyster did what RTE presenters love doing and read from the rule book, explaining why the Westport man saw red.


Colm, as any proud Meath man would be, was annoyed with the sending off. No blood he almost said, sure how could it be a sending off if there’s no blood?


Joe? Well Joe wasn’t happy with Mayo. The memo though didn’t seem to have gone to the clips department though, for as Joe bemoaned the Mayo sweeper system, we were treated to several examples of Mayo stopping Kerry scoring thanks to the sweeper. Maybe the tech lads just don’t listen to Joe anymore either?


Joe and Alan were about to take it outside as the debate rumbled on before Colm stepped in to calm matters down but were the boys as confident for the green and predominately red in the second half? Not exactly. Throw caution to the wind they said, sure what else can they do?


By the final whistle, caution, the kitchen sink, Maria’s tiara and everything else the two teams could lay their hands had been thrown to the wind in a game described by the dynamic duo of Marty Morrisey and Tommy Carr as nearly as good as a hurling game. Sure is there any higher praise than that football people!?

The lads in studio were giddy with the improbability of it all, as the two teams almost out come-backed each other in a thriller. Colm and Joe even got to throw in a moan about the luckless gael, forced out of his home by marauding foreigners for the replay. Sure it’s nearly a pity it wasn’t a hurling match…. Flight of the Hurls anyone??


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