The Big Four of Gaelic Football

Since 2011 Kerry, Dublin, Mayo and Donegal have contested every All Ireland final between them. (2011, 12, 13, 14). Since 2011 the only team to knock out one of the four has been one of the other four as they collected 14 out of 16 provincial titles (Cork 2012 & Monaghan 2013 won the other two)

2011 Dublin knocked out Donegal/Kerry. Kerry knocked out Mayo
2012 Donegal beat Mayo/Kerry. Mayo beat Dublin (Cork beat Kerry in Munster final)
2013 Dublin beat Mayo/Kerry. Mayo beat Donegal (Monaghan beat Donegal in Ulster final)
2014 Donegal beat Dublin. Kerry beat Mayo.
Only Cork in 2012 and Tyrone in 2013 outside of these four sides have appeared in an All Ireland semi-final. (All four won minor provinces this year, Dublin won AI minor in 2012, Mayo 2013, either Kerry or Donegal 2014).

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